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Dougan Redhammer

Race : Dwarf
Gender : Male
Class :
Fighter 11th Level
Alignment : Neutral
AD&D Stats: Str 18(00); Dex 17; Con 18; Int 18; Wis 9; Cha 16; Ac 0 (chain mail +2, shield +2); THAC0 10 (+3/+6); hp 81
Residence: Wanders
Ht 4'10"; Wt 157 lb; Mv 6"
Preferred Weapon: Warhammer, battle axe
Special Abilities: Infravision 60', +5 save vs. poison and magic (AD&D)

Dougan Redhammer is an avatar of the neutral god Reorx. He is an excellent and richly decorated thief who frequents Palanthas quite often. He is a loud and cheery fellow who enjoys drinking and gambling (though he has unusually bad luck at gambling). His bad luck usually makes life difficult at first - but rewarding in the end - for those who accompany him on his adventures. Such an adventure was undertaken by Palin, Sturm, and Tanin Majere when Dougan coerced them into accompanying him on a quest to seek the lost Graygem relic.

He also served briefly as Usha's guide when she arrived in Palanthas for the first time. In the Chaos War, he aided Usha Majere in the great city and once again in defeating Chaos himself by giving her the broken halves of the graygem to catch a drop of blood from the God of All and Nothing. Dougan withdrew from Krynn along with the world's other divine beings at the end of the Summer of Chaos.

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