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Berem Everman

Race : Human
Gender : Male
Class :
Ranger 6th Level
Alignment : Neutral
AD&D Stats: Str 13; Dex 12; Con 14; Int 15; Wis 14; Cha 13 Ac 10 THAC0 15 hp 44
Residence: Many
Ht 5'9"; Wt 160 lb; Mv 12"
Preferred Weapon: Short sword, dagger
Special Abilities: Regenerates 1 hp/round; immune to fire, acid, poison, magic, disease, drowning, and petrification; every wound will eventually heal.

Berem was a poor ranger in his younger days, and he spent a lot of time hunting in the woods with his sister Jasla. One day, they found a broken altar decorated with valuable gems. Berem, thinking to end his family's poverty, tried to pry a large green gem loose from the altar. When his sister tried to stop him, he shoved her aside, causing her to bang her head on a rock, killing her. Berem, horrified at what he'd done, took the gem and ran.

The gem imbedded itself in his stomach. He was never able to remove it. Berem is known to many as the “Green Gemstone Man”. The gem was from the Foundation Stone of Istar’s Temple, and the gem was cruical to which side would win in the War of the Lance. The evil forces needed it to let their Queen of Darkness re-enter Krynn, while the good forces needed it to bar the queen from Krynn forever.

Because of the gem, Berem was immortal (to an extent) - no matter how many times he died, he would come back to life. Berem lived with constant fear that someone would discover his crimes. Unknown to him, the altar from which he pried the gem was actually part of the cursed temple of Neraka - The Dark Queen's gateway into Krynn. Rendered incomplete by Berem's theft, Takhisis was unable to enter the world. She sought Berem to make him pay for his crimes, but he was eventually found by the Heroes of the Lance during the War of the Lance, and he was reunited with his sister, whose spirit had been trapped in the altar ever since the day she died. In reuniting Berem and Jasla, the temple of Neraka and the altar was destroyed, forever blocking the Dark Queen's entrance into Krynn.

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